Felix’s Bar Mitzvah


Felix is an old curmudgeon, who grows even more insufferable when his wife Joy falls sick. On her deathbed, Joy insists Felix have a Second Bar Mitzvah, to which he’s entitled at 83. After she passes, Felix begrudgingly embarks on this journey, studying alongside a group of preteens, whose dabbing and millennial slang make him feel out of place, but whose youthful exuberance is precisely what he needs. Think School of Rock meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Prizewinner: Launch: Million Dollar Screenplay Competition (2018).
Top 3: Final Draft Big Break (2018).
Second Round: Austin Film Festival (2018).

Raymond’s Room


Rafi’s a risk-taking poker player forever feuding with his father Selwin- someone who won’t leave the house without hand sanitizer. But when Selwin’s father dies at his Nursing Home in Manchester, England; both Selwin and Rafi must spend the night beside his dead body in the Jewish ritual of Shemira. By morning, the hatchet will either be buried, or in someone’s back.

Quarter Finalist: Academy Nicholl Fellowship (2018).
Nominated: Best Unproduced Script, International Film Festival, London (2019).



Set in 1980’s Britain, two brothers reconnect with their abusive father when he’s diagnosed with a rare heart condition. When they discover the condition is hereditary, their fate is even more bound to a man they loathe. In order to save him and offer hope to future generations, the family travels to the one doctor who can save them: a cardiologist operating out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Quarter Finalist: Page International Screenwriting Awards (2018).


Recovery Radio


In 1925, the UK witnessed the birth of Hospital Radio: in-house stations that broadcast exclusively to patients. Volunteers believe it’s great for their morale, but then again so is remission. In 2018, one station remains: Recovery Radio. It’s run by Milton, an ambitious twenty-one-year-old, and his nemesis Barry, a has-been DJ from the 70’s. Can they put aside their competing quests for fame, fend off the threat of closure, and give patients precisely what they want: a familiar voice at their bedside every night?

Quarter Finalist: BlueCat Screenplay Competition (2019).